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At Vendcell, we’re all about convenience.

Remote Management System

Vendcell Systems provides a complete remote management system for Vending Machines. Using our innovative Telemetry technology, we give vending operators the ability to securely monitor, manage and service their machines from a remote location.

Cashless Vending

Vendcell is a comprehensive, flexible cashless payment solution that provides all you need to benefit form the advantages of cashless payments. vendcell encompasses the best technology, services and support to help you deploy and operate a cashless payment system for your business. Giving you the ability to improve customer service, reduce operating expenses and increase product sales.

Vendcell Cashless is fully integrated with exisiting Vendcell Remote Monitoring System. This integration means that one web-based system can manage both cash and cashless vending, with integrated reporting, integrated alerts, price management, reconciliation, and more.

For Vending Operators, Exclusively for Vending Operators

Vendcell has designed its telemetry system exclusively for Vending operators. We do not own or operate any vending machines, therefore we are committed to your needs which ensures our utmost attention to meet your expectations. We ensure that you receive the information you need from your machines, when you need it.

Vendcell is Australia’s premier vending monitoring and software system. Australian owned and operated, your assurance for support is guaranteed. Our proven system is designed to assist vending operators with the most important areas of the business. Review our features for what benefits it holds.

Online Monitoring

Our innovative online monitoring system will provide crucial information you need to run your business at your finger tips. It doesn’t matter whether you are in other side of the world or at what time you want the information, our system will provide the information you need at any time to any place with online access.


Save your time and Money. Pre-Kitting is the process of preparing filling stocks based on the online monitoring and analyzing the past performance of machines. This will reduce the time required to fill a machine and number of trips a driver have to make between machine and lorry.